Letter from Giannis Naxakis (Greece)

In prison, the sense of time has its own imprint. While days seem endless to me, at the same time the 3 years that have passed since our arrests in Nea Filadelphia seem like nothing. The environment of incarceration encourages rapid emotional swings and thus in a limited space, the sense of time is especially changeable because of the concentrated periods of emotional moods.

So, 3 years and a month with an intense experience of multifaceted disappointment and disgust. I could write infinite things about prison besides the usual, but it is all so fictitious now both inside and outside, that any extensive reference to anything seems meaningless to me. I will just say, continuing from older letters, that the prisoneresque stench is not a privilege of just one wing obviously, but a general phenomenon in prisons and that the reversal of meanings is something more than a rule in here, showing-off is a virtue and macho is dignity…

After 3 years and a bit therefore came the time for the appellate trial. On June 22nd begins the appellate trial for the robbery in Pirgetos for which I and G.Sarafoudis have been convicted. Obviously I am not making any sort of callout for a gathering since my stance of abstaining from this wretched procedure is known. This announcement of mine for the appellate trial is only a reminder to some few active comrades and is simply informative and open to interpretation. Also, it is intended for the unknown anarchists out there who have not been fooled by the political chameleonism, opportunism and patronizing which have flooded the “milieu” in the last years, and who think and act freely, independently, against ambition and, of course, on the offensive.

What follows is a short description I wrote about the case. After an operation by the antiterrorism agency on 30/4/2013 at a café and in a street in Nea Filadelphia, Athens, 5 of us are arrested. Two are wanted (A.Dalios, F.Harisis) therefore the 3 of us are accused of harbouring a criminal.

At GADA (Αthens police headquarters) they violently extract DNA samples from all of us and, amongst other things, they find that mine and Sarafoudis’ match DNA samples found on two different mobile objects after a robbery in Pirgetos, Larissa in 2011.

Accused of bank robbery now, we appear before the interrogator in Larissa who decides we should be detained in Koridallos prisons. Sarafoudis is also accused of one more robbery in Filota Florina based again on DNA samples.

A few months later we are summoned by the special appellate interrogator to upgrade our charges. The robbery becomes robbery in the frame of terrorism, so now we are also accused of participation in a terrorist organization (CCF).

In July 2014 the first instance trial takes place in the special court room in Koridallos prisons and we are convicted of all charges in a merged sentence of 16 years each. The appellate trial is set for 9/10/15, was then postponed to 10/11/15 and then indefinitely, to be finally set for 22/6/16.

Concluding, I would say that there is no way I would ever believe in justice as an institution or as a social value. There are no judicial scandals, the only scandal is human civilization and the only value I recognize is absolute freedom.

G.Naxakis, Koridallos Prison

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